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Grants Management System Software Features

S4 Inc’s Grants Management System (GMS) provides a single portal through which all the tasks associated with applying for a grant, awarding a grant, and managing the financials of HSO grants are performed. Access to certain sections of the GMS are based on permissions assigned to each user.


External organizations (Grantees) use the GMS system to:

  • Input and manage information pertaining to their organization

  • Apply and maintain grants

  • View the status of grant applications

  • Delegate their role to a different user in their organization

  • Manage / maintain compliance information (Project Agreements, CFDA, Close Out Reports etc.) for awarded grants

  • Submit and maintain Pre-Approvals

  • Submit and maintain quarterly reports/claims including claim modifications

  • Submit and maintain Project Modifications

  • Submit and maintain ADAPT and DUI nominations if the agency is eligible

Internal HSO staff use the GMS system to:

  • View, administer, and manage all grant applications and grant awards

  • Apply and maintain Internal Grants

  • Manage and maintain the Quarterly Claims/Reports including the fund obligations

  • Manage and maintain the Claim Payment Processes including generating the payment information

  • Manage all funding programs and grant-fund mapping information

  • Create and maintain the Federal Fund and State Awards

  • Manage the contacts and organizations

  • Create and manage documents for Grant Review

  • Administer user access to the system

  • Manage the Project Modifications and Claim Modifications

  • Manage Pre-Approvals for items within the grants

  • Manage ADAPT and DUI Awards and Nominations

  • Create and maintain the Equipment database including Equipment Acquisition Details and Disposal Details

  • Create and manage the Risk Assessment Reports on Agencies

  • Send mass CFDA letters attached to emails by a single click of a button

  • Create and maintain different forms needed like the Procurement form etc.

  • Create and process reports

    • Planning Document – this will give a snap shot of all the grant allocations by Funding Code

    • Federal/GTS Upload Report – this will produce a text file that can be imported into GTS for the HSP Load (system automatically pulls the GTS Project #, Funding Code and Amounts). All the grant allocations can be uploaded to GTS in minutes

    • CFDA Reports

    • Report of all Awarded/Denied grants

    • Balance Report

    • Claim Status Report

    • Close Out Report

    • Distribution of Claims Report

    • Law Enforcement Log Citation reports to indicate the different type of enforcement citations (Belt, Cell, Child Restraint, DUI, DUID, Speed, etc.) and the performance totals by agency, by region for every quarter and fiscal year

    • Report of Grants by Program Manager

    • Grants with Contact Information Report

    • Outstanding Claims Report

    • Voucher Summary Report

    • Equipment Accountability Report

    • Grant Funds Spent by Quarter

    • Reconciliation Reports for Revenue and Expenses (State, GMS, Federal)

    • Three Year Spending Average Report

    • Grant Liquidation Report


HSO System Administrator uses the GMS system to:


HSO Administrator does everything mentioned above, and on top of it can also use the tools provided in the Admin menu to control and configure GMS system-wide data and processes:

  • Admin has the capability to impersonate a user (both external and internal HSO users)

  • Approve or Deny new user registrations

  • Activate or Deactivate Users

  • Execute grants on behalf of HSO Director

  • Establish Roles and Permissions to users (both external users and internal HSO users)

  • Assign Organizations, Program Areas, and Reports to HSO internal staff

  • Manage and maintain organizations/agencies, contacts and user details

  • Upload and maintain the Terms & Conditions

  • Maintain the statuses and dropdown values of different categories used throughout GMS

  • Manage and customize GMS Business processes (set up Global Settings) like –

    • Customizing the start and end dates of Grants and Applications

    • Customize the consecutive Login attempts before locking the user

    • Customize the number of prior passwords not to use when changing the password

    • Customize the time to unlock the user

    • Customize the Restricted File Types for upload

    • Customize temporary password expiry time

    • Customize the days before password expires

    • Customize the Fiscal Year for new Applications

    • Customize the current Voucher number

    • Manage and maintain Mileage Rate and Mileage rate agency exceptions

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